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Dancing with Complexity

Format: Workshops, RSD2

Adrian Paulsen and Jonathan Romm


Our world has always been complex, but in an increasingly competitive market we can no longer ignore it. Join us when we get lost in the woods, find a way through it and dance with complexity.

A rough guide to how we dance with complexity along with our clients. In this workshop, we will share a sample of our process flow, a selection of mapping approaches for visual sensemaking and best practices on process planning. In addition, one of our case-partners will participate in a real-world case which we will map and work on during the workshop.

Recommended reading before the workshop: Dancing with Systems, Donella Meadows


Improve your confidence and ability not only to deal with complexity but also enjoy working with it. We know that even the simplest of projects has some degree of complexity, and we want to help you explore a framework that makes sense of it all. Together we take one step towards making “the elephant in the room” a bit more approachable.




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Author(s): Adrian Paulsen and Jonathan Romm
Title: Dancing with Complexity
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
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First published: 5 October 2013
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