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Moderator: Claudia Westerman

This grouping consists of cybernetics papers. Authors make a 10 to 15-minute presentation, and approximately 15 minutes is dedicated to discussing each paper. Authors have the opportunity to incorporate revisions based on the session into the final version of their article, published in Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design, RSD12.

#17 Claudia Westermann
Ecopoetic Formations for Transgenerational Collaboration

#302 Shucen Liu, Larry Richards and Claudia Westermann
Assemblage Reframing the Nearby: Resisting the spectacle through anti-communication

#304 Puli Li, Pille Bunnell and Claudia Westermann
A More-Than-Human Architecture

#305 Ruoxi Li, Tom Scholte and Claudia Westermann
Architectural Landscapes of Resistance: Carnivalesque framings of agency

#310 Annan Zuo and Frederick Steier
Expanding the notion of Care in Architecture—Recovering a More-than-human Third Landscape in Kyoto

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