Curating Spatio-Temporal Connection: Geological multi-proxies and becoming-with deep time -95


Connie Svabo and Line Nicolaisen

In a transdisciplinary combination of geology and curatorship, long timespans are stringed together: We describe something geological called ‘multi-proxy methodology’ – based on actual geological fieldwork that one of us has conducted in the Barents Sea – and link this with emerging ‘tidalectic’ streams in curatorial practice and research. The paper is our first joint attempt at using geological activity to design what we tentatively, existentially and metaphorically call curatorial proxies for spatio-temporal connection. Human life is embedded in cosmological, geological systems and forces. Climate change presses for systems understanding and new curatorial practices that are conscious of the culture-making potential of exhibitions and other cultural and spatial designs.

Keywords: geology, curating, multi-proxies, Donna Haraway, systemic design, tidalectics, climate change

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