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COVID-19 Response in Pennsylvania

Jasper Krarup, John Henley, Georgia Miller, and Bryce Li

Carnegie Mellon University, US

As of 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths across the United States and a high amount of fallout in its wake. This pandemic has exacerbated, revealed, and uprooted issues in the domain of racial equality, misinformation, healthcare effectiveness, and government response. However, it has also created an opportunity to reshape systems and processes at play through a multitude of interventions and leverage points.

Our work aims to capture and make connections between the challenges and opportunities in the domains of time and progress – this context highlights the transitional period of the pandemic. As with periods of immense change, the sensitivity of time allows us to highlight areas where changes can be made at leverage points to multiply their effectiveness. By addressing the pandemic through issues that we’ve identified at its core, designers can change the world for the better in times of crisis.

Map: COVID-19 Response in Pennsylvania

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Posted September 2021
Posted September 2021

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