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Author: Marie Davidová

The GIGA-Map maps social and eco-systemic feedback looping relations to planed actions among stakeholders’ interests in COLridor project. The map uses generated data and speculations from the project’s trans-disciplinary community co-design meetings. The will of the project is to support precious local bio-top within the city centre of Prague, Czech Republic. It is doing so by co-creating shelters, the concept of edible landscape across the eco-system (Creasy, 2004; Davidová, Zatloukal, & Zímová, 2017; Dubbeling, 2011) and social engagement. To reach this, the second year of EnviroCity multi-genre festival took place in the location. The festival invites the community and the performers into the project’s eco-systemic co-design. For more details, please, see the paper with the same name and first author in the proceedings.

The project was co-organized by Collaborative Collective, z.s. and CooLAND, z.s. with the support of the Technical University of Liberec, Faculty of Art and Architecture.

The project was co-funded by VIA Foundation and through the EEA Grant program for Biodiversity and Climate Change Adaptation lead in cooperation with the Technical University of Liberec, Faculty of Art and Architecture and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The sponsorship involved the Forests of The Czech Republic, Stora Enso, Rothoblaas and Skuta Design.

The festival events were listed as a part of European Sustainable Development Week and European Cultural Heritage Days.




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