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COLreg: The Regenerative Community

Collaborative Collective

Marie Davidová



Codesigning public spaces services with local residents and other stakeholders is slowly entering communal practise. In this case, Collaborative Collective was invited by Prague 22 district to facilitate co-design workshops and to conclude their results in systemic design proposal for communal land regeneration. The WIP project is approached as ‘bioregioning—an activity that creates value’ (Thackara, 2019). It is synergising both, a biocorridor as well as the circular economy within the region through communal and community-based cocreation – combining bottom-up and top-down approaches. To accomplish the study, the project covers four actions, two of which were simultaneous. Following Sevaldson’s research (Sevaldson, 2018), gigamapping (visual diagramming of complexity) was selected as a tool for the co-creative processes.


Author. (2020). Article title. In Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD9) 2020 Symposium. India, October 9-17, 2020.

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