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Amsterdam, NL

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Systemic design is a problem-solving approach that helps co-design projects understand the interconnected systems that contribute to a problem and develop interventions that address the root causes of the problem. Co-design can be used to engage stakeholders and end-users in the systemic design process. How can systemic design help ensure that solutions are more effective, equitable, and responsive to the needs and perspectives of those impacted by them?

The combination of systemic design and co-design can help create more inclusive and equitable solutions that address the root causes of complex problems by involving a diverse group of people in the design process and examining the underlying systems that contribute to a problem. What co-design use cases demonstrate effective, sustainable, and responsive solutions that meet the needs of all communities involved?

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Expertisenetwerk Systemisch Co-design (ESC) | Expertise Network Systemic Co-design organised RSD12-Amsterdam. ESC is an initiative by five universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands that collaboratively explores systemic co-design as a problem-solving approach to understanding the interconnected systems that contribute to a problem and developing interventions.


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Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

Professor Remko van der Lugt, Co-Design

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Professor Peter Troxler, Revolution in Manufacturing

Professor Anja Overdiek, Cybersocial Design

Professor Thomasz Jaskiewicz, Civic Prototyping

Northumbria University Amsterdam Campus

Professor Christine de Lille, Innovation Networks

Inholland University of Applied Sciences (Secretariat)

Professor Wina Smeenk (Chair), Societal Impact Design

Professor Jürg Thülke. Authentic Leadership

Professor Guido Stompff, Design Thinking

Dr Petra Cremers, Senior Researcher, Systemic Co-Design

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS)

Professor Liliya Terzieva, Designing Value Networks

Dr Bas van den Berg, Senior Researcher Systemic Co-Design

Talks: Materialities

Talks: Materialities

Chiara Battistoni | Bilge Aktaş | Simin Tao and Qi Zhang | Lalon Lalon and Gayarti Menon | Siv Årsand, Maja van der Velden, and Andrea Gasparini | Stephen Wood, Jeanette Andrews, Miso Kim, Estefania Cilliotta Chehade, Michael Arnold Mages, Linda Tvrdy, and Paolo Ciuccarelli

Digital Rights

Digital Rights

Jake Blok, Anouk Geenen, Ander de Keijzer, Rosa Louwerse, Wina Smeenk, and Ben Wagner

Playing With Systems

Playing With Systems

Dan Lockton, Jet Vervoort, Maikel Waardenburg, Jessica Duncan, Josie Chambers, Raimon Ripoll Bosch, Joost Vervoort, Joyce Browne, George Downward, Alay Llamas, Sable Knight, Dan Vy Vu, and Saskia Colombant


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