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Citizens in the Center: a Dialogue Platform for “Smart” Service Development

Author: Ling Ge

Citizens in the Center: a Dialogue Platform for “Smart” Service Development presents the results and research processes of a participatory design research project Smart Citizen Initiative led by RISE Interactive, Stockholm Studio in partnership with Uppsala Municipality, Sweden in 2016. Situated in the context of “smart city”, the Smart Citizen Initiative project sought to ground the development of future “smart” services in the complexities of citizens’ lives and to curate new formats for democratic participation in smart cities. The tangible design artefacts of the project include: 1) Workshop Toolkit Citizens in the Centre; 2) Interactive Timeline: The Evolution of the “Smart” Discourse. The project was led by Brendon Clark with the support of: Ling Ge, Alexander Bratt, Ellen Franzén, Wasim Brikhan, Hayley Ho, Sara Araya. The maps are curated by Ling Ge based on Ellen, Hayley and Ling’s illustrations and Brendon’s input in text. Learn more about the project at:

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