Circularity as Unifying Concept in Systemic Design for Sustainability?

Tobias Luthe, Angel Lamar, Birger Sevaldson, Tine Hegli, Marianne Storen Berg, and Peter Hemmersam

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, AHO

Country: Norway
Format: 90-minute online workshop

A suggested definition in short: Circularity is creation with the intention of building mutual social benefits while closing resource loops.

The project stimulates, pilots and practices more collaborative interdisciplinary understanding and action on circularity. In this first project state for the year 2020, the following elements and tools (four-step approach) were designed to achieve these goals:

  1. Systemic assessment of ongoing “circular” AHO activities in research, education, by people, and with partners, through Gigamapping
  2. A joint open “brown bag” lunch lecture series
  3. A new cross-institute elective Master teaching course on circular design
  4. A joint research application on circularity themes

In this 90min dialogue session, we intend to develop with participants a shared vision of what circularity in design may mean to everyone, and whether circularity may be equipped to better bridge between the different creative disciplines, with science, and practice? Is circularity in its various kinds a feasible and applicable bridging concept that would allow “us” to become better systemic designers, and hence to advance sustainable solutions to societal challenges?

Key take-aways for participants will be to develop an enriched picture of circularity, and reflect how its implementation at AHO in multiple ways could be useful in one’s own institution, group, or work.

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