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Category: Topic: Socioecological Design

Topic: Socioecological Design

Designing Transitions

RSD10 Keynote. Dr Derk Loorbach provides a transition perspective to address the complexities and uncertainty of change and presents development by design as a way forward.

Declining Bee Populations in Central California

Organized within a metaphorical honeybee graphic, the map includes bipartisan policies between nonprofits and government, technological improvements to the pollination process, activism and public awareness.

O’ahu and the Effects of Climate Change

The five-petal flower motif represents the delicate climate situation O’ahu’s flora and fauna faces and concludes that responsibility lands with global corporations and federal governments.

Synergetic Landscape

This gigamap demonstrates a systemic approach to urban environment performance for the future Post-Anthropocene communities and economies.

Car-Free City Life

Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway. Autonomous public transport systems and the ongoing implementation of a car-free city center policy in Oslo.

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