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October 13-15, 2016


OCADU and MaRS, Toronto, Canada

October 13-15, 2016


OCADU and MaRS, Toronto, Canada

Systemic Design for Social Complexity


"RSD5 featured 50 presentations that focus on design problems of sustainable business, good governance, social services, urban design, healthcare services, human flourishing, and the intersections of these domains."

– Peter Jones, Chair & Editor, RSD5 >

RSD5 photographs by George Wang and Roberto Andrade Selibe. They can be viewed and downloaded at the RSD Symposium Flickr site.

Publication Process

The RSD publications process contains five steps, creating long term engagement, a low entry threshold, and a high level of the final output:

  1. submission and peer-reviewing of abstracts
  2. presentations and dialogues at the RSD symposium
  3. post-production and submission of working papers
  4. publication of the symposium proceedings with SDRN as the publisher
  5. publication of selected fully developed and peer-reviewed scientific papers in an external publishing channel


RSD5 – Systemic Design for Social Complexity

RSD5 Chair & Editor, Peter Jones: Proceedings are the result of the dialogue and discursive process within the community of practice, and while it follows peer review within an extended reviewer panel, it differs from the traditional scientific publication process.


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Nov 2-6, 2021

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