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October 15-17, 2014


OSLO School of Architecture & Design (AHO), Oslo, Norway

October 15-17, 2014


OSLO School of Architecture & Design (AHO), Oslo, Norway

"Relating" Systems + Design


"The third Oslo symposium engaged over 200 participants and over 50 authors, and we found a much broader range of contributions across related fields of design and systemics. The five keynote speakers established a significant presence for the field, “relating” from both the systems and design disciplines."

– Birger Sveladson & Peter Jones, Editors RSD3 (publication will be posted soon)

Photos: Images of Oslo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen and Erik Odiin

Systems + Design

"I would like to discuss the current need for system practices and thinking in service design, with specific attention to why questioning the boundaries and nature of systems is becoming a fundamental design issue in itself."

– Daniela Sangiorgi: Bringing Complexity into Service Design Research

"Design is, in many ways, an unfortunate word. Even its English origins are ambiguous, and it is used in many different ways from meaning 'evil intent' to 'transcendental novelty'. Other languages have no equivalent, and their words are often more helpful than design."

– Ranulph Glanville: Knowing and Designing

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RSD10 offers a platform for discussing ongoing work with peers and presents the state-of-the-art in the systemic design field. This year there are two paper tracks: short papers for ongoing work, and long papers for finished work.

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