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October 9-11, 2013


OSLO School of Architecture & Design (AHO), Oslo, Norway

October 9-11, 2013


OSLO School of Architecture & Design (AHO), Oslo, Norway

Foundations: The Systemic Design Movement


"Systemic Design has been suggested as a term for this emerging movement in design with its multiple expressions, including, e.g. Systems Oriented Design, Whole Systems Design, and is closely related to Dialogic Design. What binds systems related theories and practices together with design approaches may be the desire to reintroduce systems approaches with design toward a more effective integrated praxis, becoming more useful to designers (and stakeholders and clients) than evidenced by past performance."

– Birger Sveladson & Peter Jones, Editors RSD2

Transdisciplinary Responses

"Systems thinking and design practice share the characteristic that to be successful, each must concern itself with attending to the needs of the whole and the interactions among its parts. And they suffer the same fate when they succeed. Inevitably they produce unintended consequences and unanticipated side effects. But there is a radical difference in their typical starting places and their logics."

– Fred Collopy: Designing Large Systems

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