Category: RSD11: Different stories in design (Bateson)

RSD11: Different stories in design (Bateson)

Seeing RSD11’s Seven Foci Relationally

RSD11 Keynote. Dr Tony Fry is a Tasmanian-based award-winning designer, cultural theorist, educator and writer. For this talk, his context: seeing the event’s seven foci relationally.

Cultural Premises, Conscious Purposes, and Design: Conversing with the legacies of Gregory Bateson and Vern Carroll

Panellists: Tim Gasperak, Michael D. Lieber, Eve C. Pinsker, Fred Steier, and Daniel Wolk. Facilited by Dulmini Perera and Simon Sadler. Presentation of words, story, and music by Stephen Nachmanovitch. Organised by Dulmini Perera and Eve C. Pinsker.