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Category: Topic: Learning & Education

Topic: Learning & Education

Towards the Whole: A tribute to Charles L. Owen

RSD8 Keynote. Charles Bezerra: A tribute to Charles L. Owen, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Design where he conducted research and taught until 2010 in the MDes, MDM, and PhD Design graduate programs.

Advanced Design Cultures: A learning system perspective

RSD7 Keynote. Roberto Iniquez Flores: In order to address the complexity of these new approaches design is evolving into a new cultures that are very diverse and emergent, these design cultures require a new characterization for its understanding.

Systemic Design Association

Birger Sevaldson: New courses are showing at universities in Europe and the Americas, beyond those represented in the RSD discourse, as the interdiscipline grows in depth and applicability.

A Systems Literacy Manifesto

RSD3 Keynote. Hugh Dubberly: We can begin to live in systems and make them our own. We can take responsibility for our world.

Self-organizing a strange attractor

RSD3 Keynote. Harold Nelson: A more tailored form will take shape through a process of self-organization—a type of dialogue that gives order and form to complex things.

Knowing and Designing

RSD3 Keynote. Ranulph Glanville: The type of outcome, the ways in which they can be judges, the implicit criteria and the ethics involved are very different for engineering and design, and I will explore these a little.

Bringing Complexity into Service Design Research

RSD3 Keynote. Daniela Sangiorgi: An increase in complexity in service innovation has motivated the introduction of meta-level frameworks in service research introducing descriptions of service systems or service eco-systems, calling for interdisciplinary efforts to work toward innovation.

Designing Large Systems: Five Stories; Five Lessons

RSD2 Keynote. Fred Collopy: My thesis is that because the world’s, each society’s, and indeed most businesses’ problems have grown so particular and so complex, designers need the perspective of systems thinkers – and systems thinkers need the tools of designers.

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