Car-Free City Life

Oslo School of Architecture and Design



  1. Kristian Haugvik
  2. Agata Cypriak
  3. Vel Czupryniak
  4. Kevin Ehrenberg
  5. Vilde Brabrand Urfjell
  6. Lisa Siegel
  7. Hans Kristian Villa

This gigamap was part of a bachelor level group project looking at both autonomous public transport systems the then ongoing implementation of a car-free city center policy in Oslo. The map details relevant facts and reflections and also touches topics ranging from “what do people go to the city center for?” to “is there a kind of paradox in developing autonomous systems that might make us less autonomous ourselves?” As this is a few years old (evident by the NSB logo) all facts may not be up to date, yet the hopes, concerns and reflections surrounding both topics are still relevant, as well as the broader strokes outlined, like for instance the concentration of Oslo city life along a rout humorously nick-named the city life banana for its shape. This project combined service, interaction and product design.

Posted: Oct-2020

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