Journal of the SDA: Call for papers

Call for research articles

The SDA’s call for research articles is open until January 31, 2022. The society-published journal for disciplinary contributions in the field will be published semi-annually, with two issues scheduled for 2022. Articles in the first issue will follow RSD10, as the first issue will develop articles from presentations and themes of the RSD proceedings.

The journal represents SDA’s dedication to establishing a scholarly journal dedicated to systemic design or the contributions of systems, cybernetics and complexity in design studies. Systemic design is a developing interdisciplinary field with researchers coming to systems theory from design and design practice from systems, and the natural next step is a field-identified journal.

The SDA supports the publishing goals of members and RSD contributors, and the journal directly addresses the fifth step on the SDA publication ladder. Steps one through four represent the first four steps, and since RSD2, SDA has published proceedings as open access documents (ISSN 2371-8404). Through the partnership with OCAD University Open Research Repository, you can find RSD papers indexed on Google Scholar.

Publication ladder for systemic design papers

The publication ladder has been used consistently for all RSD symposia since RSD3. It has led to special issues of the design research journal FORMakademisk and several other peer-reviewed journals and publications. The journals page provides more information.

  1. Submission and peer review of abstracts
  2. Presentations and dialogues at the RSD symposium
  3. Post-production and final submission of working papers
  4. Publication of the symposium proceedings with SDA as the publisher
  5. Publication of selected, fully-developed, and peer-reviewed scientific papers in an external publishing channel

The first call for papers for the inaugural issue of the Journal of the SDA is now open through January 31, 2022. Articles developed from the themes of the RSD10 Symposium are welcome, as well as the following themes and issues:

  • Societal crises and problematiques as context for systemic design intervention
  • Second-order cybernetics and systemic design, involving reflexive dialogue, language structures, or cultural construction
  • Sociotechnical systems design for flourishing, circularity, or regenerative ecologies
  • Systemic design methodology, supported by practice or implementation research
  • Design research applying systemic or cybernetics theory for transdisciplinary studies of ecological or environmental interventions
    Systemic design approaches to transformative systems change in complex social contexts


Authors are invited to submit manuscripts that meet the following guidelines:

Articles should be between 10 and 20 unformatted pages, 5000 – 10,000 words, not including references. For initial editorial review, please include images inline with text.

Use the traditional scholarly format in manuscripts. SDA will provide format instructions and feedback following acceptance for peer review.

Standard Word files in 11 pt Calibri, 1.5 line spacing, embedded images (for review only)

Total file size less than 10 Mb (compress or insert images to manage file size)

Submission via EasyChair

Submission deadline January 31, 2022

More Information

Please get in touch with Peter Jones, Editor-in-Chief.

Posted Nov-2021