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Bringing Systemic Design to Communities with the Circular Design Lab

Format: Workshops, RSD9, Topic: Policy & Governance

Facilitators: Chris Oestereich & Courtney Savie Lawrence

Circular Design Lab, Thailand

Format: 90-minute online workshop

The Circular Design Lab (CDL) crew will run a 90-minute discussion at RSD9 to share what we’ve been doing to develop a broad community around systemic design in Bangkok and engage in a dialogue around how to continue to grow that effort in a sustainable manner. The first part of the session includes a review of the effort to date, including the work the founders did to develop a shared purpose and vision in initiating the effort, as well as sharing what we’ve done to date.

For that, we dig into each of the different types of programs we’ve run, including workshops, webinars, and a variety of community-building efforts, as well as the ideas that underpinned and drove those efforts. We also share the structure of our volunteer-based efforts and some of our ideas about how to sustain the program, as well as how to find leadership groups and spin up the effort in new cities.

We keep the overview to 20-30 minutes and then go into facilitated breakouts in which we’d discuss ways to spread systemic design that are fruitful and inclusive.

The CDL’s leaders are all college faculty members who treat the rest of the session as a case study.

Discussants are asked to assume the role of CDL leaders (or that of potential partners) and discuss the challenges of maintaining and growing a volunteer-based effort. The goal of doing so is to find ways to continue to grow this effort, and also to share possibilities with the group for similar possibilities in their backyards.




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Author(s): Chris Oestereich & Courtney Savie Lawrence, Circular Design Lab
Title: Bringing Systemic Design to Communities with the Circular Design Lab
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
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First published: 6 October 2020
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