Asynchronous Ecosystem Development: Micro-mapping using scanning, ZIP-Analysis, and systemic relations -11

Cheryl May

Can systemic design optimise on realities of asynchronous development and bridge time and space between distributed, often unrelated teams? Does it make sense to work incrementally?

This case study is based on the Canadian Business for Purpose Network (B4PN), hosted by MaRS Discovery District and funded by the McConnell Foundation. The author evaluated network activities from November 2020 to March 2022 and provided inputs to ecosystem development based on strategic clarity work.

In emergent work such as this, uneven development is to be expected. A multimethod research mindset informed the evaluation project. The interdisciplinary research draws on strategic foresight, bricolage, and social R&D and applies ZIP-Analysis and the Library of Systemic Relations to three micro maps.

Reflexivity raised questions about design and designers in social systems, the realities of asynchronous and distributed work, and the wisdom or folly of incrementalism in design (Dodgson, 2019). The project applied interdisciplinary research in practice to leverage asynchronous situations and distributed networks of designers, strategists, and funders.

The idea of a large street mural comes to mind; often composed by several artists, it exists in parts executed asynchronously. While some sections are completed to the finest detail, others are simply pencil lines expressing the outline of shapes. While work is asynchronous, so is the advancement of understanding and progress on goals.

Keywords: bricolage, ecosystem, foresight, gigamaps, social R&D, synthesis maps, strategy

Photo of Montreal mural that is in a loading bay and is black and white and filled with imaginative depictions of people and places.

En Masse. (2011). Quai des arts [mural, visited June 2022]. Théâtre ESPACE GO, Landing stage, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, 4890, boulevard St-Laurent Montréal, QC, Canada.

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