Ioannis (John) Bardakos, Tegan Bristow, Chris Speed, and Claudia Westermann

Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Paris 8 University and Athens School of Fine Arts | University of the Witwatersrand | University of Edinburgh | Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

This panel introduces research that challenges, exposes and critiques dominant socio, political and economic systems through playful processes. As the dominant representational traditions of the global north continue to frame people, environments and cultures, this panel offers a timely opportunity to reveal acts of artistic research that ‘upend’ the imaginary of a  common socio/technical system, and recast it through practice research.

KEYWORDS: art, play, systems, ecologies of art, cross-cultural discourse

RSDX panels were held from October 3 to 9, 2022. They were hosted by the University of Brighton and the session organisers and were free and open to all.

John Bardakos

Ioannis (John) Bardakos

Tegan Bristow

Tegan Bristow

Chris Speed

Chris Speed

Julia Westermann

Claudia Westermann

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