Addressing Complexity in Product-Focused Environment -141


Tabea Glahs, Marcela Urbano and Maria Haukali

This article revolves around the following research question: How to introduce Systems-oriented design (further on SOD) within a product-focused public sector agency working with digitalisation? Even though this article is based on experiences from the public sector, the issue being discussed might be relevant for any context where complexity meets a product-focused culture. The aim of the article is to show how a product-focused tech environment can start dancing with systems (Meadows, 2001).

The article starts by briefly describing the context of Oslo Origo – the digitalisation agency of the municipality of Oslo. It then moves on to discuss why it is important to address complexity within this context and why SOD can be useful. The article reflects on three different approaches to introducing gigamapping as a technique of SOD in the agency and the lessons learned from this. It concludes with reflections on what is required from the organisation as well as the designers on the path ahead.

Keywords: SOD, system oriented design, gigamapping, public sector

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