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Acting on a Company to Relaunch a Territory: The application of the systemic design methodology

Format: Papers, RSD10, Topic: Methods & Methodology, Topic: Policy & Governance

A case study in the province of Biella, Italy

Alice Marchesi, Denisa Moldovan, Mariapaola Puglielli, Martina Troppino, William Tonelli, and Xinwei Wu

A company that relates in all aspects to its territory, responds directly and indirectly to every change of it. When the well-being of the territory is lacking due to external or internal forces, the company is also subjected to the difficulties that this entails. In a period strongly characterized by unforeseen environmental events, companies must be able to develop resilient behaviour, to face any scenario.

With this awareness, the Systemic Design methodology is able to highlight the relationships between the territory and a company, give an overview of this network and through a transdisciplinary method, design practical solutions. The methodology has been applied, in the specific case, to study the industrial activity of a dairy farm in Biella province, an area seriously affected by economic crises, which needs to establish a new balance and enhance itself. The approach aims to expand the network of relationships that bind the two systems for mutual reinforcement. Finally, the process merged into three fields of action that affect environmental, economic, and social issues: the use of tangible and intangible resources, the value of by-products and the awareness of the community that lives in these places.

Keywords: Systemic Design, dairy company, territorial enhancement, process efficiency, communication




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Author(s): Alice Marchesi, Mariapaola Puglielli, Florina Denisa Moldovan, William Tonelli, Martina Troppino and Xinwei Wu
Title: Acting on a Company to Relaunch a Territory: The application of the systemic design methodology
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
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First published: 3 September 2021
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