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A Systems views of Organ Donation: Exploring complexity within the Canadian organ donation system

Capobianco  L., McGovern M.

The successful transplantation of organs from one individual to another is one of the largest medical advances in modern medicine. The organ transplantation of one deceased individuals organs and tissues can improve the quality of life of up to ten persons lives (Lee, Midodizi, & Gourishankar al., 2010). However, amongst this 96%, only 54% were on the donor registry list (Lee, et al., 2010). This statistic highlights the complexity of the current Canadian organ transplant/registry system, and suggests the opportunity for systems thinking to reimagine the current system structure. Organ donation is further complicated by the provincial and territorial differences in how this process is managed. Each province and territory in Canada has their own system in place for how organ registration and donation will take place. The current model highlight the lack of an overarching national database that collects information on national donor demographics. As well, those who do not support organ donation often cite common misunderstandings surrounding organ procurement such as: lack of respect of the body by medical team, and inability to have desired funeral services, as primary reasons for their choice not to be donors (Morgan, et al., 2008). The unique universal healthcare system in Canada places the nation in a favorable position to implement nationwide change in terms of organ donation (Lee, et al., 2016). The system map created highlights the potential opportunities to improve organ donation and registration by examining global leaders like Spain, the differences between provinces and territories in procurement strategies, policies and educational programs curated to encourage and inform users on donorship, and how this information may be amalgamated to reimagine the future of organ donation and registration within Ontario.

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