A Systemic Approach to Proximity Through Design for Relations -93


Carla Sedini, Silvia D’Ambrosio, Xue Pei, and Francesco Zurlo

Proximity has lately become a keyword to approach territorial enhancement goals. The most common representation of proximity at the urban level is the idea of the 15-minute city, which has gained massive attention in political, economic, social, and academic discourses. However, this idea is not new in the worldwide panorama, and during the COVID-19 pandemic has gained attention because of contextual extraordinaire conditions. However, this idea of proximity in so-called normal conditions manifests some clear social limits. In our paper, we want to propose and discuss a wider systemic approach and consequent definitions of proximity in connection with the different actors which compose and drive our societies. In the Design for Relations, we will identify a systemic and valuable strategy to overcome the previously discussed limits.

Keywords: systemic design, systemic proximity, design for relations, quintuple helix model

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