Making Waves: Organizational gigamap

Oslo School of Architecture and Design



Angel L. Lamar Oliveras


This Giga-map is an approach to Making Waves, a design consultancy firm in Scandinavia. The map shows multiple scales, systems and sub-systems that are within the company. It also portrays the complex web of structures that form part of organizations, and what are some of the components they may need to operate. In hindsight, one of the more interesting parts of this map is the “culture” area, where the relationship between people’s formation, professional mindsets and team cultures intersect. This is of utmost interest because it relates to the more “fuzzy” parts of organizations, which is the way that people relate across teams and silos.

In the Giga-map I tried to visualize processes from clients, meetings, team building, “tenders”, on-boarding, and employee “cycles”; layouts across workspaces and floors, project types, work tools, customer touch-points, connections to the other North Alliance companies, employee roles, and more.

How to read the map

The diagram below shows the main parts of the Giga-map. The lighter colors indicate a more generalized view of the company, while the darker shades are related to more profound parts of the system. I recommend reading from the top left and then follow the threads from there on, as there is no set “path” for reading. The figures in the map represent different roles of employees; their description can be seen on the upper left of the “Team Processes” segment.

Posted: Oct-2020

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