Synergetic Landscapes Unit: The Multispecies Biodigital Community Codesign

Marie Davidová
Welsh School of Architecture / Collaborative Collective

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The paper will unfold a work in progress of Synergetic Landscapes unit of Master of Architectural Design at the Welsh School of Architecture. This collaborative design unit focuses on generating potentials for co-performing the landscape of human and non-human, living and non-living, natural and artificial participants of Grangetown community, Cardiff, Wales, UK. The term community in this project is extended from what used to be understood in anthropocentric culture. In the 21st century, i.e. rivers (such as Whanganui River) and others are reclaiming their legal personhood with social, cultural, economic and environmental interests (Argyrou & Hummels, 2019). This work in progress aims to integrate a variety of living and non-living agents within the community in co-designing a flourishing environment with and for all. The preoccupation with defining the legal person in anthropocentric terms highlights what is of value to a [Anthropocene] society. The fact that the environment in most legal systems does not have legal personhood status, but that corporations do, is indicative of the fact that contemporary western societies see the natural world as being for-profit (Hutchison, 2014). The project aims for a transition towards the era of Post-Anthropocene where living and non-living beings and systems coexist together in synergy.

The unit’s collaborative design is developed through ‘giga-mapping’ (Sevaldson, 2018b) exploration and development around six key topics synthesised in six individual ‘ecosystemic prototypical interventions’ (Davidová, 2020) designs. The topics cover: a) synergising gigamap relating all; b) bio-corridors’ potential in the locality; c) interaction and co-design with the community; d) circular economy and blockchain; e) materials and prototyping.

Posted: Oct-2020

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